Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784
Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784
Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784
Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784
Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784
Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784

Yoga Mat BLACK 3MM | AS-39784

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  • 6mm THICKNESSES - 6mm foam mat for harder surfaces
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE AND NON-SLIP MATERIAL - The gym exercise mat is made of foam that is soft but at the same time very resistant, and absorbs shocks, perfect as an abdominal exercise mat. The non slip bottom provides stability
  • SMART CARRYING BAG - The comfortable breathable shoulder bag, allows you to carry the sleeping mat comfortably wherever you need it, and will always remain dry and ventilated.
  • NOT ONLY YOGA - The yoga mat for women and men is also perfect as a pregnancy yoga mat, as a meditation mat, as a stretch mat, as an ab exercise mat, as a gym exercise mat and as a pilates exercise mat, picnic mat, etc


Don't go unprepared to your yoga workouts.

Whether you're an experienced yoga practitioner, seasoned athlete, or simply adding a few exercises to your daily routine, you'll love this anti slip yoga mat.

This large 173 x 61cm x 6mm multi gym mat was designed with reliability and longevity in mind.

Safe joints

With high quality thick cushioned foam, this ab exercise mat provides ultimate comfort and softness on any surface.
The clever yoga mat reduces joint stress and absorbs impact to prevent strain.
The Yoga exercising mat can be used as a home exercise mat, gym workout mat, pilates mats for women, to do strengthening exercises, stretching or any exercises that involve lots of kneeling and lying on the floor.
You can forget about doing uncomfortable exercises on your carpet with this ab workout mat.

Not only yoga

The large roll mat can also be used as an outdoor picnic mat, lightweight camping mat, hiking sit mat and for all your outdoor activities.


The yoga kneeling mat rolls up nicely for easy storage so you can place it under the sofa or behind a door.
Once rolled up, insert the abdominal mat into the carrying bag that we provide.

Lightweight, transportable, multipurpose

The large gym mat is very versatile and can even be used for camping, fishing, resting, picnic, sleepovers etc.
This is a soft non-slip mat and you can use it on virtually any surface, non slip bottom provides stability when adopting any number of yoga poses.
Another great advantage of the material with which the pilates yoga mat is made is its lightness, which makes the soft foam mat extremely transportable.
The carrying bag is very comfortable, you will carry your exercising mat anywhere!


173 x 61cm x 6mm

For your yoga sessions, from today you have an ally: the yoga exercise mat!

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